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Hire a Driver


What are our drivers there for? Well whether you are a celebrity, a hard working executive or just someone who does not wish to drive your own vehicle, we can supply professional, experienced and well trained drivers for you.  All of our drivers have some form of advanced driver training and experience in driving high powered vehicles.  The hire of our professional drivers includes a free oil and water check of your vehicle and whilst the driver is using your vehicle they will also take care of and maintain your vehicle if required to do so.

Company Drivers

Your company deserves to be represented by a professional team.  As we have a number of drivers to choose from, we will always pick the right personality for your business.  Not only are our drivers experienced, but they are also from a police or military background.  We can also supply drivers who can assist with close protection and other security measures.

Automotive, Manufacturers and Dealerships

As well as offering support for events we provide a wide range of ancillary services to our automotive clients.  This includes, vehicle delivery, demonstration, testing and running- in. If the maufacturer or dealer requires, our drivers’ highly skilled technical knowledge equips them to provide informed, constructive feed back on the vehicles they drive.

When providing drivers at automotive events, our drivers are regularly asked about the vehicle they are driving.  This is a unique opportunity to make sales by giving detailed feedback to the client.  We feel that this is a vital part of our service and provide our drivers with a detailed brief and product knowledge to assist in help making these sale.

Trustworthy and professional, our drivers – after a breifing session – are ideally placed to demonstrate and discuss your vehicles effectively. Chosen for their personal integrity and previous or current employment, they make excellent ambassadors for your products and your brand.

Our drivers are familiar with the latest automotive and communications technology.  Becuase of this our drivers can be depended upon to show case your vehicle’s features to their best advantage.

What’s more, they’re passionate about presentation. So you can be confident that they will be smartly turned out, and your vehicles will be inspected and prepared to the highest standards.